The first Drive to Earn (D2E) game build on Solana Blockchain. Aiming to bring the seamless integration of unique racing experience and blockchain mechanics. #D2EGAME

Explore the world where every conflicts can be resolved by racing!

    "Humans are no strangers to wars. After all, we have been fighting for as long as we remember"  

—Chairman Richard Prescott.

    Yet, we all know what happens in the after wars… casualties, damages, endless grief and bereavement. Same thing happened here in the Solraverse, a small village in Honshū comprising three powerful factions.

     While the earth was celebrating the successful launch of Super Mario kart in 1992, Solraverse was experiencing its greatest nightmare; the greatest war of San Tairitsu 三対立. Villagers are battling for its faction to rule the village like usual. Except that this time, things are different ...

Ace the race with your perfect combinations

Choose your karts

Explore the abilities

Limitless possibilities

Are you ready for an all-out race?

Own the garage

An exclusive 888 plots of garage plays an important role in Solrace economic chain as a solid kart performance boost could destine solracers’ success in the ride. Become the owner of these garages to earn passive income via a fair share of upgrade fee

Get your Solakart

It is not only about the speed or raw heat of competition that matters; but the design. A unique 8,888 Genesis Solakarts are ready to onboard all solracers for an immersive race

Explore the Solravese

There are so much more in the Solraverse... Not limited to only the enjoyment from the ride, solracers and garage owners could boost their benefits and earn governace rights via $SOLR staking

Q1 2022

  • Game concept development
  • Website launch
  • Communication channel launch
  • Solana Riptide Hackathon

Q2 2022

  • Game mechanics development
  • Tokenomics: $SOLR & $NITRO
  • Community building
  • Partner and investor network expansion

Q3 2022

  • Genesis kart and garage NFT release
  • Internal test

Q4 2022

  • Genesis kart and garage sale
  • Market place launch
  • Beta test

Long ride ahead are yet to be discoverd...


Unlike racers rushing for the finish line, we instead believe in endless growth and continuous development. SolRace development approach will be divided into small, yet meaningful milestones like pitstops that allows the team and community to take a step to refuel and together revise mechanical adjustment for the greatest sustainability to our community


 One night at a famous Ramen shop in one of the busiest city in the world, a group of 4 crypto-enthusiast friends gather around for their long awaited casual catch up after the pandemic. Each was sharing their unexpected stories and hilarious moments in crypto space. One drink after another, the timeline of the talks was gradually traced back to the good old childhood days, reminiscenting their night playing Nintendo games. Despite being in the same group of friend, they all have different uniqueness in characters and talents in technical field. an unexpected thought popped up in 0xAkira mind’s…, why don’t we start to BUIDL something? 0xReki replied, what would that be? 0xKazane raised, our mutual passion…? All four said simultaneously, “a crypto game!!!” followed by a limitless long laugh of an endless friendship…


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